2016 Awareness Week Programs

Report on 2016 OCD Awareness Week Programs in the Bay Area

What an amazing OCD Awareness week we had here in the bay area!! There were three great programs held that week.
OCD in the Family: 10 Tips to Avoid Enabling and Start Truly Helping

On Saturday October 15th Heidi Hartston, PhD. presented a program that was attended by 30 people. The program was very engaging. It opened with a Q&A session with Scott Granet. Heidi’s talk was followed by another lively Q&A session. A very interactive afternoon! A video of Heidi’s talk is available at OCD & Family Enabling VS Truly Helping Hartston OCD week 10-16-2016. Heidi’s website is www.HeidiHartstonPhD.com.
International OCD Awareness Week Road to Recovery Tour 2016 at UC Berkeley

On October 8th, about 50 community members attended this program that was like a mini OCD conference – and it was fantastic!! The program began with talks by Joan Davidson PhD and Michael A. Tompkins PhD, co-directors of The San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy (see video of these two talks). Michael Tompkins talked on “Understanding and Treating Pediatric OCD,” and Joan Davidson talked on “Understanding and Treating Adult OCD.”
These talks were followed by two panel discussions by 11 Bay Area therapist on pediatric OCD (see video) and adult OCD (see video).
After a break for lunch, three IOCDF Spokespeople – Elizabeth McIngvale, PhD, Jeff Bell, and Ethan S. Smith (see video) – told their very moving stories then led support groups for family members or people with OCD.
The Road Trip was co-sponsored by the IOCDF and the Peace of Mind Foundation;
Funded by the Peace of Mind Foundation and the OCD SF Bay Area affiliate (OCDSFBA).
Cultivating Curiosity, Courage, and Compassion: An Intensive OCD Workshop

Dr. Marisa T. Mazza, PSY.D. organized a weekend intensive individual and group experience focusing on learning how to interact with OCD in a new way in order to live the life that is most meaningful to you. Connecting with other people allowed people to share experiences, learn new strategies, and support each other along the way. This was a unique program that has a huge amount of potential. It provided an opportunity to experience a taste of an intensive program without dislocation and large costs.
Scholarships for this program were provided by the IOCDF